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Arcana Towers Tarot Themed Board Game- Deluxe

Arcana Towers Tarot Themed Board Game- Deluxe

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A beautifully produced, independently made board game revolving around the world of Tarot. Cogswell Creations has crafted their immersive debut game to have a distinct fantasy flair! 

Embark on the Fool’s Journey as you gather Knights, Queens, Kings and Pages ‘round your Court. Don’t forget to use your unique Elemental powers to gain the  upper hand! Employ luck, fate and strategy to be the first to build 11 Arcana Towers, or be the Kingdom with the most on the board at the end of the game...

The Deluxe comes with a full set of eight beautiful, metal spin-down, 12-sided dice (from 0-11).

Incorporates entire Tarot deck
Medium-weight game with depth and lore
A good intro to board games, luck balanced with strategy: anyone can win!
Multi-configurable board for 2-4 players
Perfect for 2 player duels!


*cardboard two-piece box 10x10x2.5”

*8 page rulebook

*56 red (Minor Arcana) cards, in box                       

*22 yellow (Major Arcana) cards, in box                      

*32 square Elemental cards, in box

*4 main Elemental boards                                 

*3 centre boards                                                

*4 punchboard rule tiles

*4x22 poker chip-style plastic coins, (44 red 44 black)

*4 Black, 4 Red, 12-sided metal custom dice 

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